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  • ejabberd 2.0.0 has been released

    Posted by ProcessOne on February 21, 2008

    The release contains numerous changes as detailed in the release notes. ejabberd 2.0.0 is even more scalable and robust due to architecture improvements and adds lots of new features like Personnal Eventing, Pubsub application framework, file transfer proxy, integrated HTTP file server and HTTP binding for Web 2.0 applications, PAM authentication, etc.

    A detailed changelog is also available on ProcessOne bug tracker.

    ejabberd 2.0.0 is available from ejabberd download page.


    A big thank you to everyone who helped making this version what it is currently. This is a list extracted from ejabberd's ChangeLog since it was started 5 years ago until 2.0.0:

    AV, Andreas van Cranengurgh, Andrey Zamaraev, Andrzej Smyk, Andy Turner, Anton Vanin, Asdx, Badlop, Balabanov Dmitry, Brian Campbell, Brian Cully, Carlos E. Lopez, Christophe Romain, Cord Beermann, Doruk Fisek, EQHO Communications, Etan Reisner, Evgeniy Khramtsov, Felipe Brito Vasconcellos, Geoff Cant, Iceburn, Igor Goryachev, Jacek Konieczny, Jean-Sebastien Pedron, Juraj Michalek, Justin Karneges, Karl-Johan Karlsson, Konstantin Khomoutov, Leif Johansson, Luca Brivio, Lucius Curado, Lukas Polivka, Magnus Henoch, Marina Hahn, Marshall T. Rose, Martijn van Beers, Martin Pokorny, Marvin Preuss, Massimiliano Mirra, Max Loparyev, Maxim Ryazanov, Maxim Treskin, Michael Scherer, Michael Shields, Mickael Remond, Miguel Gomard, Mike Wang, Milos Svasek, Nikolaus Polak, Oleg Palij, Oleg V. Motienko, Otavio Fernandes, Pablo Saratxaga, Jerome Sautret, Patrick Dreker, Pedro Melo, Pieter Rautenbach, Qu1j0t3, Renato Botelho, Robin Redeker, Ruslan Rakhmanin, Samuel Tardieu, Sander Devrieze, Sergei Golovan, Shelley Shyan, SkLUG, Stefan de Konink, Stian B. Barmen, Stoune, Tomas Janousek, Tomasz Sterna, Tony Finch, Torsten Werner, Tsukasa Hamano, Usercard, Vicent Alberola Canet, Victor Hugo dos Santos, Vincent Ricard, Vladimir Kulev, Zbyszek Zolkiewski and Zhan Caibao.

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