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  • IMgateway

    Connect your applications to the six most popular instant messaging networks!

    10 USERS 59.00 price inc. VAT
    25 USERS 109.00 price inc. VAT
    50 USERS 209.00 price inc. VAT
    100 USERS 395.00 price inc. VAT
    200 USERS 785.00 price inc. VAT
    Larger deployment?Contact us »

    IMgateways make it possible for you to communicate with users of different instant messaging networks – such as Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger – without leaving your corporate instant messaging solution – for as low as €3.93 per user per year!
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    Prices for 1 year subscription. The number of users is the total number of registered users on given host

    ejabberd Installation Support




    € 600.00

    ejabberd Installation Support – the expert assistance in installing the ejabberd server. The package includes:

    •   support for 1 domain with up to 500 users

    •   support access by email or web

    •   2 support tickets

    Larger deployment? Contact us »

    A ticket is defined as an exchange on a well defined and well limited problem. Support questions can cover installation assistance only. This package cannot be renewed – requires switching to support contract for production systems.

    OneTeam for iPhone


    € 4.99

    on the App Store

    OneTeam for iOS
    Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, OneTeam is XMPP compliant, which makes it suitable for people who send and receive instant messages using any XMPP-based instant messaging server. XMPP servers include: Gmail®,, and many corporate instant messaging solutions. Read more »