2012: The year of push

After many years building the reference XMPP chat server, we are now expanding to push as a platform, for ubiquitous realtime notifications.

ProcessOne Push Platform: best wishes

First and foremost, thank you everyone, customers, partners for your trust and support during the past years. We would like to assure you that it has been well placed.

Look at what we have accomplished together so far, in your behalf:

  • We have built the most renowed XMPP server, powering a huge subset of XMPP federated infrastructures. Communication means federation.
  • We have been developing our own improvements to XMPP in the form of mobile and reliability related extensions. Mobile is your key demand.
  • We are hosting large XMPP deployments with exceptional scalability and uptime. Open source is shifting to managed and cloud services

We are now building a much more ambitious platform, the ProcessOne Push Platform, which intends to provide a self service, large scale, over-the-web notification platform. The platform is powering one of our new projects, that would change the experience people consume news, Upik, thanks to realtime personalized distribution. Especially in 2012 with the Olympics, the elections,…

If you want to learn more about ProcessOne Push Platform, you can join the live tutorial we will demonstrate on the 9th February (Webinar registration link).

2011 was the year of the emergence of group messaging, like TextOne, our prediction in 2012 is the year of push, as an ubiquitous realtime notification stream, coming at you, on your smartphone, computer…

2012 is going to be pretty exciting for us and we wish to build even more exciting new projects with you all.

We wish you all a happy new year, a great 2012!

Credits: Gare de Strasbourg, by Alexandre Prévot, under CC by-sa 2.0

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