According to Ohloh, ejabberd is by far the most popular Open Source XMPP server

Ohloh is a website whose goal is to collect objective data on Open Source development project. According to their calculation, ejabberd is by far the most popular XMPP server.

You can check by yourself Ohloh XMPP popularity page: ejabberd popularity is ranked 11,800, and the first next XMPP server is ranked 612. Yes, that’s a huge difference.

This confirms what we see every days here: The popularity is sky-rocketing. and this is even going to increase with the upcoming ejabberd 2.0 version soon to be released in beta version. Yes, you read well. ejabberd 2.0 will be the first milestone in our Angie, ejabberd next generation program.

The ejabberd development and contribution rate is also increasing fastly. Here is Ohloh graph showing the development pace:


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