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ejabberd is a high-performance, robust and scalable XMPP-based Instant Messaging Server. It was not enough for us and in a new serie of blog posts, we will describe what we are currently working on for the next ejabberd release. Angie is our internal codename for our program to move ejabberd to gigantic scale and make it able to suport millions of users in a single domain.

At ProcessOne, we have always been performance freaks. ejabberd is without a doubt one of the most scalable XMPP servers around and we have a strong reputation among our customers. Pedro Melo from SAPO (Portugal Telecom) has recently said that on his blog:

Ejabberd is the enterprise-class large scale deployment king. He keeps on working even when you throw at it indecent amounts of traffic.

In the same direction, we have choosen a very fast and responsive technology to develop OneTeam our web based XMPP client.

It was not enough for us. We have reached 600,000 simultaneously connected users in a benchmark, but we now want to increase the performance to be able to pass the 1 million users mark on the same hardware (We can probably go further, but we would need more machines).


Angie is our codename for ejabberd Next Generation (NG). In a series of upcoming articles we are going to present and explain the finished and planned optimisations for the next ejabberd releases. We put our focus on three directions:

  • Unmatched performance and scalability: We are a leading company in this field, but have started several optimisation and architectural changes to push the existing limits. This is important for Internet Service Providers, or large companies that need a robust and highly scalable infrastructure. Instant Messaging is now everywhere and there is a big demand from our customers to support insanely large domains.
  • Unmatched clustering features: ejabberd is the only server to support full fault-tolerance at the router domain. There is no single point of failure on the router, like it is the case in classical XMPP server architectures. We are working to improve and extend the clustering features to all our service and component stack.
  • Innovative features set: ejabberd is very often the first server to implement innovative features, coming from the XSF standardisation work. We are keeping the pace and will integrate more fundamental new features in the coming ejabberd versions.

Is that enough for a teasing article ? ;) I think so, so stay tuned !

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