[ANN] exmpp 0.9.2 new release

We are pleased to announce a new release of exmpp.

exmpp is a XMPP library written in Erlang and released under the Erlang Public License. It helps the development of XMPP entities by providing functions to build and interpret XML stanzas. Once compiled, check the generated HTML documentation.

List of main changes since the previous release six months ago:

  • Adding support for stream error stanzas in exmpp_session when logged in
  • Autodetect compilation parameters for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Component support for exmpp, and some fixes
  • Fix segmentation fault with exmpp and expat
  • New functions exmpp_client_pubsub:discover_nodes/1 and 2
  • Stringprep Bidi checking doesn’t reject strings with RandALCat and LCat characters
  • queryns was not defined for IQ packets in received_packet record

The API of exmpp 0.9.2 is considered to be stable, so there aren’t any
major changes expected in the API before reaching 1.0.0.

exmpp home page:

Download exmpp 0.9.2 source code package from:

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