Message Archiving Benchmark: How Many Letters Are in Messages?

Let’s look at distribution of the number of letters in message’s body. Note, that it’s not a byte length, it’s an amount of Unicode symbols. Cyrillic characters are represented using 2 bytes in UTF-8, so some messages can be actually 2 times longer in bytes. Also AFAIK English sentences are generally shorter than Russian, so […]

Message Archiving Benchmark: General Statistics

A few days ago I updated mod_archive (XEP-0136) ejabberd module to support PostgreSQL with text search feature (tsearch2). Simple benchmarks looked good, so to benchmark it on real traffic I ran it with enabled automated archiving on one of two nodes for 24 hours on business day. It worked smoothly and I didn’t notice […]

Client and OS statistics on

Today we gathered iq:version replies from clients connected to at 14:49 MSD. 4639 replies were received. OS statistics: Windows 2576 (56%) Linux 1033 (22%) MIDP2 601 (13%) FreeBSD 73 (1.6%) Darwin 39 (0.84%) By Windows version: Windows XP 2084 (45%) Windows 2000 241 (5.2%) Windows 2003 111 (2.4%) MINGW_WinNT 75 (1.6%) Windows NT 5.1 […]