Writing web apps for Google Chrome using Boxcar Push Services

With the recent announcement of push notification support on Google Chrome for Android a new horizon of web applications is emerging. Even if both push and notification drafts are still going through continuous changes, we have published a beta version of our Boxcar SDK for Google Chrome browsers. Read the full post at our Boxcar […]

Bytestream Proxy for file transfers on hosted.IM

We are pleased to announce the release of the Bytestream Proxy for our hosted.IM XMPP service. This is a server implementation of the XEP-0065 standard, used mainly for file transfers, when users are connected with their instant messaging clients behind a NAT or within a private network that prevents point to point communication between users.

Migrating from Google Apps to hosted.IM

When migrating away your chat system, from Google Apps to hosted.IM, you may face some issues. During the last two months we have received feedback from hosted.IM users reporting problems to federate with Google. Then we have discovered a common pattern on all these scenarios: their XMPP domains were formerly served by Google Apps.

Hosted.IM: Message Archive, Remote Auth and more

Hosting.IM, the leading Cloud-based Instant Messaging service by ProcessOne, has gained strong new enhancements for more control, and has extended its offer for larger companies. Among these new features is the message archive, user management integration with your IT, more control tools and larger plans. Please discover these exciting services below.

Major hosted.IM update

Our XMPP services hosted.IM has seen a major update. We are proud to announce the latest update on hosted.IM including the following new features: Complete redesign of the site, enhancing user experience and usability. Microsoft© OCS transparent gateway (beta). More information about OCS gateway usage in our related blog post. Multi User Chatroom control (MUC) […]

hosted.IM: your domain without DNS configuration

The latest release of hosted.IM now allow users to create Instant Messaging domains without the need to own a custom Internet Domain. Now we include the option to manage a subdomain of our ‘p1.im’ name, intended for users without access to a custom Internet Domain Name. For example, now you can choose to create your […]

Latest hosted.IM release

We are proud to announce the latest update on hosted.IM including the following new features: HTTP support for XMPP connections (BOSH) Connection manager URL: https://hosted.im/http-bind IRC transport (enhancing our set of gateways along with MSN, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL and ICQ transports) X.509 SSL certificate uploads private Multi User Chat service Regarding the new Multi User […]