Boosting Collaboration in the ejabberd Modules Development Community

A new subversion repository has been created to enable ejabberd modules developers to work together on a common module code base.

A new subversion repository has started hosting some ejabberd modules making collaboration possible between ejabberd modules developers. This should improve collaboration between existing developers by giving them the correct tool to work together on existing modules, but should also attract new developers that are a bit afraid of starting their first Erlang module development and would like find help from the ejabberd development community.

The repository can be retrieved by anyone, using the following command:
svn co

The code changes are published on ProcessOne forge:

We have just started the process of adding modules and many are still missing. Please contact us if you want your module to be added with high priority to the repository, to participate to existing modules development and to get an account with commit rights. This repository has been setup in the spirit of the famous Erlang Jungerl repository and the very open development model has already been proven very efficient. Do not be shy, join us !

Each module is stored in its own directory, with its own versionning structure. A special module called ejabberd-dev has been added to allow modules development without the need to have an ejabberd full repository on your development machine. Having a binary version of ejabberd should be sufficient.

A small contribution document is available in the SVN repository and should help the developer getting started.

We hope that this new tool will be valuable to boost ejabberd modules and extensions development process. This is first step in our wish to improve the modules development process. The next steps will probably lead us to improve even further the development API to give more power to modules developers.

ejabberd contributors, your feedback is welcome and needed !

Let us know what you think 💬

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