Building Safe Instant Messaging Networks

Building safe Instant Messaging is probably one of the major feature of Jabber / XMPP based IM solutions. This type of system can protect users ranging from children in their school to corporate users.

I have just read the following press release: Create Predator-Free Chat and IM Environment for Schoolchildren, from safeTspace, Inc. and Jabber, Inc.

It then reminded me of a nice real-world ejabberd deployment that have been covered in FreeSoftware Magazine blog. Kirk Strauser, in an article called Passing notes in class, explains how he set up an ejabberd Instant Messaging server in its children school to enable chat while still protecting them from the outside world.

From his conclusion:

“I wanted to build a safe, fun, easily controlled system for my children to use with their friends. Jabber, and the ejabberd server in particular, let me build a Free system that met these goals. Combining the technical solution with a few simple administrative decisions resulted in a platform that they should be able to enjoy for years to come.”

This ability to deploy closed network or to control the degree of openess you want to allow is one of the major feature of the XMPP based network. Setting up this network on an open source solution, is probably one of the best bet for non-profit organizations.

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