Details on MSN’s XMPP server

Mickaël posted yesterday On MSN / Live Messenger adopting XMPP. Today, we’ll dig a little more in technical details. Here are some technical details and some explainations, as well as some questions. Microsoft’s public XMPP server Microsoft’s public XMPP server is located at: You can double check on IMtrends: Microsoft had been testing […]

Facebook, Drop.IO and XMPP

Facebook has recently bought the online service Drop.IO. Drop.IO is a real time online collaboration and file sharing service. This acquisition is mostly focused on technology, assets and, as a consequence, the founder of drop.IO, Sam Lessin, will join Facebook. At this stage it is unclear if Facebook will hire a larger part of the company. For existing […]

Browser data centralization with XMPP

Google has announced today that they will use XMPP as a synchronization protocol for Chrome browser. Web surfers nowadays use many browsers on different machines, even on small devices like smartphones. They obviously need a way to gather together all these sparse data (like bookmarks, passwords, history, etc.) and make them available from any browser […]

Boost corporate productivity with instant messaging

Instant messaging has been perceived as a productivity killer tool for a long time. A recent study shows that it is not the case and can actually reduce workplace interruption. Science Daily covers a new study from Ohio State University and University of California. The study suggests that employers seeking to decrease interruptions may want […]

The AOL XMPP scalability challenge

It has been widely reported on the Internet, that AOL is experimenting an XMPP gateway that will allow users to connect to AIM and ICQ with a compliant XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) client. It is still early days, but this news proves that interest in XMPP is growing at a tremendous rate. Big […]