Building Realtime Streaming Architectures

Real time is not only about client interactions. We have been using XMPP & MQTT since a long time to connect people and things together. However, there is another use case for real time that is a little less known: real time streaming architectures. This is a design pattern that you can use to make […]

Real-time Stack Issue #8

ProcessOne curates two monthly newsletters – tech-focused Real-time Stack and business-focused Real-time Enterprise. Here are the articles concerning tech aspects of real-time development we found interesting in Issue #8. To receive this newsletter straight in your inbox on the day it’s published, subscribe here. Red Hat to acquire CoreOS, expanding its Kubernetes operations Red Hat, […]

Challenges in Building Real Time Applications

Real time is everywhere. Users are now expecting that applications can update and display pieces of information in real time. Whether you are building a chat application, a website, a mobile app, or a business application, users want to be notified, receive pushes (properly targeted), be able to react instantly and have the user interface […]