ProcessOne: What to expect in 2020?

As this is the end of the year, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you how ProcessOne has changed over time and how it is approaching the next decade. ProcessOne was created to simplify the implementation of large-scale, real-time messaging services. In 2005, the most advanced tool was clearly Erlang. Since then, […]

Releasing Enhanced Security Debian AMI

We have decided to share with AWS community our basic linux platform. It is based on Debian and includes some security enhancements, that comes from integrating grsecurity into kernel. Previously i have released only kernel builds known as ESK kernel, now we are presenting whole Debian that includes following changes: ESK kernel 3.2.58 gradm 3.0 […]

af83 presents UCengine

Alexandre Eisenchteter and Thierry Bomandouki, from af83, have presented UCengine at SeaBeyond. UCengine, which stands for Unified Collaboration Engine, is an erlang server for generic publish and subscribe, with persistence. It is written for customized real time collaboration applications, under the AGPL license. It exposes a ReSTful HTTP API with JSON as its primary exchange […]

OneTeam Media Server by ProcessOne

ProcessOne has just released OneTeam Media Server, a Flash server written in erlang. OneTeam Media Server, or OMS for short, is a new Flash server implementation, written in erlang, by ProcessOne. This will enable your users to broadcast voice and/or video streams to multiple subscribers. OneTeam Media Server, although being at an early stage, behaves […]

OneTeam XMPP client entering private alpha

Our OneTeam XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows is entering a private alpha period. OneTeam is a multiplatform XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. We have slowly worked on it during long months (and even years, it is being developed since 2006) but never had enough time and resources […]

ejabberd tip: simple health check

An ejabberd health check mechanism might be useful in your deployments, but using the HTTP file server might be overkill… Some people want to do regular health checks on ejabberd, which is always a good idea. Doing a health check over XMPP might not be the solution, here is at least two reasons: with a […]

Talkr.IM service update: Google Wave gateway

The Talkr.IM XMPP/Jabber service will undergo today a service update, adding a gateway to Google Wave. ProcessOne’s public XMPP service Talkr.IM will receive a new feature for all users: a Google Wave gateway. This gateways will enable Talkr.IM XMPP users to be notified of modified Waves. Our Google Wave gateway will notify the subscribed users […]

Talkr.IM service update: gateways

The Talkr.IM XMPP/Jabber service will undergo today a service update, adding gateways to legacy IM systems. ProcessOne’s XMPP service Talkr.IM will receive new features for all users: IM gateways. These gateways will enable XMPP users to join legacy IM systems with their existing accounts. This will seamlessly merge the legacy IM contact lists to the […]

[ANN] ejabberd 2.1.2 bugfix release

We are pleased to announce ejabberd 2.1.2, which contains several bugfixes over last month’s maintenance release. Brief summary of changes: Fix SASL PLAIN authentication message for RFC4616 compliance Fix support for old Erlang/OTP R10 and R11 If server start fails due to config file problem, display some lines and stop node PubSub and PEP: several […]

ProcessOne, a year in review

At ProcessOne, we wanted to wish you all a very happy 2010 year. To give you a good sense of all what has been accomplished, we have written this small review of the 2009 year at ProcessOne. We hope you will enjoy the reading. Software First, we have released ejabberd 2.0.3 to 2.0.5, and we […]

ProcessOne launches Talkr.IM: a new open, free public XMPP service

Talkr.IM is the new XMPP service provided by ProcessOne. It is an open and free service for all audiences worldwide. What is talkr.IM? In a few words, Talkr.IM offers scalable and robust presence and chat services for all standard XMPP clients of your choice. Just create an account now, by filling the registration form, and […]

Sea Beyond event summary

This thursday 17th of December, ProcessOne has held an event in Paris, France, around real-time communications. Here are the bits. As announced and programmed, we held our event “Sea Beyond“, on this thursday 17th of december. It took place at Le Before, an art gallery in the center of Paris. Usually, we have snow on […]

ejabberd 2.1.0 finally released

ejabberd 2.1.0 is finally released, and it comes with an enormous list of 314 new features, improvements and bugfixes. It has been 21 months since the last major ejabberd release 2.0.0, and 8 months since 2.0.5. Very brief list of additions: Erlang/OTP R13 support HTTP-Bind (BOSH) optimization and clean-up LDAPS support MUC rooms can require […]

Announcing ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2

The second release candidate of ejabberd 2.1 has been published by ProcessOne. ejabberd 2.1.0 RC2 is available as source code as well as binary installers for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows from here: The readme text is here:   The list of changes in RC2 compared to RC1 are: Use queue to […]

ejabberd administration from command-line, XMPP client, and more

ejabberd has a powerful set of commands for administrative purposes that you can use on the command-line or your standard XMPP client. ejabberd provides two handy administration interfaces to execute commands: ejabberdctl command line script: for use in your regular terminal or via SSH Ad-Hoc Commands (XEP-0050): for use in your regular standard XMPP client […]