Writing web apps for Google Chrome using Boxcar Push Services

With the recent announcement of push notification support on Google Chrome for Android a new horizon of web applications is emerging. Even if both push and notification drafts are still going through continuous changes, we have published a beta version of our Boxcar SDK for Google Chrome browsers. Read the full post at our Boxcar […]

Google I/O: A couple of days with an Android Watch

I was at Google I/O conference during the past week. I will not yet comment on the overall tone of the conference, as I need to give it more thought. However, I can comment on the Smartwatch Google gave to Google I/O attendees. I picked LG Watch and gave a try over two days on […]

Libon 2.0 uses ProcessOne to power smart messaging

This morning, on Twitter, the hashtag to follow was #LeShowHello. This link referenced the innovation event organized by Orange, one of the largest European mobile giant, owned by France Telecom. During this Orange Keynote, Orange CEO, Stephane Richard, revealed the launch of @Libon. Available today on iOS, within the AppStore, the app allows users to […]

New Facebook Messenger “Seen by X” indicator : Confidence vs. Privacy ?

Interesting the new Facebook move in favour of displaying whether or not you’ve seen the incoming message wihtin Facebook Messenger… Facebook Messenger is following Blackberry Messenger, BBM, in the disclosure of personal information with its well-known indicator “Message has been read”. I remind you that BBM is displaying 3 status : “Sent” (from app) , […]

TextOne Android 1.5.3

TextOne Android 1.5.3 is out, immediately available on the Android Market! We have been working on improvements on TextOne Android: these are all small improvements, but overall, this version 1.5.3 is a solid one. You know of course that TextOne Android 1.5 has gained the photo feature: you can send and receive photos, whether you […]

TextOne 1.5 for Android

TextOne, the simplest smartphone messaging application, is immediately available in version 1.5 on the Android Market and Amazon AppStore. TextOne 1.5 for Android is available freely right now. You are encouraged to download and install it from the Android Market. Of course it is free to upgrade.