Building a simple chat client using XMPPFrameWork and Cocoapods

When it comes to building an XMPP client on iOS, one will immediately struggle with the lack of documentation and a complex setup involving tweaking files and laborious try’n fail attempts. Suffer no more ! Enter the world of cocoapod: you are just 2 words away of your next XMPP chat client. See more and […]

[FR] Conférence SeaBeyond 2014: Le programme de la Sandbox

Nous avons publié une courte vidéo décrivant les thèmes que nous allons aborder dans la Sandbox de SeaBeyond, le 4 décembre 2014 à Paris. Au programme: – XMPP, ejabberd SaaS et temps réel web (Websockets, …). – Développement iOS: Push, Widgets, Beacons. – Watches: Android Wear et Apple Watch. Voici la vidéo pour plus de […]

Libon 2.0 uses ProcessOne to power smart messaging

This morning, on Twitter, the hashtag to follow was #LeShowHello. This link referenced the innovation event organized by Orange, one of the largest European mobile giant, owned by France Telecom. During this Orange Keynote, Orange CEO, Stephane Richard, revealed the launch of @Libon. Available today on iOS, within the AppStore, the app allows users to […]

For Apple Keynote, Push Mail for just $0.99

Some said “It’s now or never”… Us, we’re just saying now “you’ve got push at an affordable price!” for Apple Keynote scheduled next Tuesday. You would need push email ;) PushMail Alert will be $0.99 for 5 days from today, Friday to Tuesday, Apple Keynote. Then it’ll go up to $1.99 for 3 days from […]

ProcessOne launch Push Mail Backend-as-a-Service

Mail is still one of the most commonly used tool, either in enterprise or individually. However, access to mail is usually relying on protocol that are not web friendly. ProcessOne is planning to change this access by offering a new way to get notified.

New Facebook Messenger “Seen by X” indicator : Confidence vs. Privacy ?

Interesting the new Facebook move in favour of displaying whether or not you’ve seen the incoming message wihtin Facebook Messenger… Facebook Messenger is following Blackberry Messenger, BBM, in the disclosure of personal information with its well-known indicator “Message has been read”. I remind you that BBM is displaying 3 status : “Sent” (from app) , […]

Introducing the Upik app for iPhone and iPod Touch

We’ve created a new personalized push inbox for your iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ve understood that people want today is real time news. Right after we powered on our smartphone, we are immediately connected. We are calling that, to be instant-on. From waking up, taking a bus, waiting in line, eating for lunch, having a […]

OneTeam iOS for your organization

Apple has launched its App Store Volume Purchase program, for businesses and educational institutions. It enables you to buy the regular OneTeam for iOS for your employees and students, or a specially customized version for your organization (like out customized version OneTeam for Facebook or OneTeam for Gtalk).

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS, including OneTeam HD for iPad

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS has been released on the AppStore. It includes OneTeam HD, a special version for the iPad. The OneTeam family for iOS has been released as version 5.0 on the AppStore. OneTeam for iOS comes in three flavours for iPhone and iPod Touch: OneTeam: for any standard XMPP server OneTeam for GTalk: […]