OneTeam 5.0 for iOS, including OneTeam HD for iPad

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS has been released on the AppStore. It includes OneTeam HD, a special version for the iPad. The OneTeam family for iOS has been released as version 5.0 on the AppStore. OneTeam for iOS comes in three flavours for iPhone and iPod Touch: OneTeam: for any standard XMPP server OneTeam for GTalk: […]

TextOne for webOS is available on the AppCatalog

The TextOne family has extended: after availability on iOS and Android, it is now immediately available on the AppCatalog for webOS. Two versions exist: TextOne for webOS smartphones, and TextOne HD for TouchPad (and next webOS tablets).

TextOne Android 1.5.3

TextOne Android 1.5.3 is out, immediately available on the Android Market! We have been working on improvements on TextOne Android: these are all small improvements, but overall, this version 1.5.3 is a solid one. You know of course that TextOne Android 1.5 has gained the photo feature: you can send and receive photos, whether you […]

TextOne 1.5 for Android

TextOne, the simplest smartphone messaging application, is immediately available in version 1.5 on the Android Market and Amazon AppStore. TextOne 1.5 for Android is available freely right now. You are encouraged to download and install it from the Android Market. Of course it is free to upgrade.

TextOne by example (part 2): email federation

You might like it or not but the largest messaging community in the world is email. It is almost instant. Everyone has an email address. If you look at your address book, you will see lots of email addresses already. Email has drawbacks but email is both a widespread communication endpoint (everyone has an email […]

TextOne by example (part 1): XMPP federation

TextOne application is intended to be a simplified superset of the standard XMPP protocol, specially designed for mobile usage. TextOne application is available on iPhone and Android. Being based on a standard protocol means that you can tap into the power federation. What’s this strange thing? It means that you can send messages to users […]

OneTeam family for iPhone: new version 4.0

The OneTeam family for iPhone (and other iOS devices from Apple, iPod and iPad) has received new exciting features for an even better user experience. Read more below. OneTeam in version 4.0 has been released on the Apple’s AppStore. Here is an exciting review of the OneTeam family and their new features and enhancements. OneTeam […]