OneTeam iOS for your organization

Apple has launched its App Store Volume Purchase program, for businesses and educational institutions. It enables you to buy the regular OneTeam for iOS for your employees and students, or a specially customized version for your organization (like out customized version OneTeam for Facebook or OneTeam for Gtalk).

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS, including OneTeam HD for iPad

OneTeam 5.0 for iOS has been released on the AppStore. It includes OneTeam HD, a special version for the iPad. The OneTeam family for iOS has been released as version 5.0 on the AppStore. OneTeam for iOS comes in three flavours for iPhone and iPod Touch: OneTeam: for any standard XMPP server OneTeam for GTalk: […]

OneTeam Desktop beta2 is released!

OneTeam Desktop is our free/libre/opensource chat client, based on XMPP/Jabber standard. It has just been released as version beta2. It is available immediately on It has been a long time since OneTeam beta1: exactly 6 months, since it was released as beta1 the day before Christmas, on December, the 24th, 2010. During these 6 […]

OneTeam alpha3

OneTeam alpha3 has been released to our private alpha-testers. The desktop XMPP client OneTeam, made by ProcessOne, has been delivered to private alpha-testers, as version labelled “alpha3”. OneTeam comes in different flavors: Standalone, for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, you can launch it form the Application menu, Dock, or Start menu, like Firefox,, […]

OneTeam family for iPhone: new version 4.0

The OneTeam family for iPhone (and other iOS devices from Apple, iPod and iPad) has received new exciting features for an even better user experience. Read more below. OneTeam in version 4.0 has been released on the Apple’s AppStore. Here is an exciting review of the OneTeam family and their new features and enhancements. OneTeam […]

OneTeam XMPP client entering private alpha

Our OneTeam XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows is entering a private alpha period. OneTeam is a multiplatform XMPP client for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. We have slowly worked on it during long months (and even years, it is being developed since 2006) but never had enough time and resources […]

OneTeam for iPhone in version 3.2.5, with Facebook chat

OneTeam for iPhone has been published on the AppStore in version 3.2.5, bringing bugfixes, and Facebook chat based on XMPP. The version 3.2.5 of our XMPP client OneTeam for iPhone has hit the shelves of the Apple’s application store. It is recommended that you upgrade it. OneTeam 3.2.4 for iPhone had already fixed bug related […]

OneTeam 3.2 beta for iPhone

OneTeam for iPhone, the versatile XMPP client for the Apple’s smartphone, is soon to be released in version 3.2, bringing tunes and location sharing, roster search, plus more usability improvements. This new updated version 3.2 of OneTeam for iPhone has received features and improvements.

OneTeam 3.0 for iPhone

The new version 3.0 of OneTeam for iPhone has been released, with the push notification feature from Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). When moving with your iPhone, as a pedestrian, bike rider, car driver or in public transportation, you might have to shutdown the OneTeam for iPhone application while staying connected to your XMPP server. […]

OneTeam for iPhone 1.2.0

OneTeam for iPhone 1.2.0 is scheduled for submission on Apple Appstore. OneTeam for iPhone is a Jabber / XMPP for iPhone that supports a large subset of the XMPP protocol. It is clean, easy to use and to not rely on third party server (it connects directly to your XMPP server). I think we have […]

OneTeam Open Beta Launched

We are proud to announce that OneTeam has now reached its open beta stage on You can now freely create a account on and forward the link to your friends to share the experience. You need Firefox 2.0 to use it. This web Instant Messaging client include many unique features, such as gateways, […]

OneTeam New Video Previews

We have published two new video previews of OneTeam, our Mozilla-based Instant Messaging client. We have added a lot of improvements to our Enterprise Instant Messaging client since the start of the private beta test. We have polished the user interface and have added interesting new features. Both the overall user interface and the new […]

OneTeam Enterprise IM Client Video Preview

I have been presenting OneTeam yesterday at the Linux Solutions Event in Paris, in the Mozilla track. Here is the video preview from my talk. My talk presenting our new OneTeam client have been well received by the Mozilla development community and by the users in the conference room. We feel that we are filling […]