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ejabberd 2.1.0 now supports XEP-0227, a.k.a. PIEFXIS for Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers.

Previously, ejabberd had many heterogenous ways to Migrate from Another Server to ejabberd. The ejabberd XMPP server now supports the intermediate XML file format for server migrations. This takes the shape of new ejabberdctl commands for the shell and also forms in the Web Admin interface.

The actively developed XMPP servers usually only provide a PIEFXIS importer or none at all, which leads to dead-ends.

On the opposite philosophy, ejabberd has an importer as well as an exporter tool. This enables migration from another server to ejabberd of course, but also between two ejabberd instances. The exporter tool even enables the migration away from ejabberd. Other vendors and communities should extend their support of this portable format to support the export.

ProcessOne has also contributed to the OpenfireExporter, the plugin for Openfire to export user data: it now supports the export of users and passwords, rosters, offline messages, and vCards. When installed (simply drop the OpenfireExporter.jar into the plugins directory), the exporter is simply available in the administration console. As Openfire seems not to be actively developed since more than a year, this plugin might be usefull for migrations to supported and actively developed servers under production and heavy use.

Check out our migration tutorials to find out more on migration possibilities to ejabberd.

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