Hosted.IM: Message Archive, Remote Auth and more

Hosting.IM, the leading Cloud-based Instant Messaging service by ProcessOne, has gained strong new enhancements for more control, and has extended its offer for larger companies. Among these new features is the message archive, user management integration with your IT, more control tools and larger plans. Please discover these exciting services below.

We are proud to announce the latest update on hosted.IM including the following new features:

  • Message Archive Web Storage
  • Configurable Authorization data source based on POP3 and IMAP
  • Auto-shared Roster
  • Admin tool to broadcast announcements
  • New plans designed for larger companies

Message Archive Web Storage

Now hosted.IM offers a centralized tool to automatically archive your conversations and let you browse or search through it using a new web interface.

Here is how to use it.


First, you can enable the archiving.

Step 1. Enable Message Archiving feature



Step 2. Announce to all users about the new feature

Now all the users within your IM domain can search and browse their own message history. The message archiving web page (Jorge) is located at

It’s also available on hosted.IM site, on Support menu, Message Archive option:



Step 3. Log In

Each user should log in with the same credentials used to connect with their IM clients:

  • JID, or Jabber ID (IM address): for example
  • Password


Now you can search or browse through your message history by contact or date. There is even more goodness, try by yourself.



Configurable Authorization data source based on POP3 and IMAP

Now you can avoid adding each user manually on your domain. Hosted.IM now saves you from this task, by integrating with your IT. Just use your enterprise POP3 or IMAP server. Selecting this option, each time your user tries to log in, hosted.IM will delegate the authentication based on the POP3 / IMAP server you have configured.


This is very handy, since in one click all your user base has an IM account active!

Auto-shared Roster

This feature is intended to avoid manually adding each one of the contacts within your domain. By enabling it, users in your domain have a contact list containing the rest of his teammates. Be careful with large user bases, since you do not want to receive presence storm

Admin tool to send announcements

Broadcast instant messages to all users within your domain for announcements, alerts, or any other instant information, faster than mailing lists! You can also choose to send these messages to all, or only online users.

First, locate the Announcement option on the feature list, under “Plans & Features” tab item:


Write the announcement and sent it to all users within your domain:



New plans designed for larger companies

Now we offer plans for up to 500 concurrent users!


This release also includes other improvements suggested by our users. It contains also bug fixes.

As we continue improving daily our service, we will greatly welcome your feedback. There is already much more to come soon. Thank you!



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