Jingle Nodes on Talkr.IM

A Jingle Nodes relay has been installed on the Talkr.IM XMPP service.

The public XMPP server Talkr.IM has received its own Jingle Nodes relay on: xmpp:jn.talkr.im. You can browse the Talkr.IM services via your Service Discovery interface in your XMPP client.

This new exclusive feature on Talkr.IM XMPP server enables Jingle calls by providing a public service for media relaying. Basically, this means that XMPP clients which can handle Jingle Nodes, will be able to join other Jingle Nodes enabled clients to establish voice calls even when both are hidden behind network barriers (like NAT, for the techies).

One many entities of the XMPP federated network (clients, servers) will have Jingle Nodes enabled, this will be possible to establish calls, in a totally P2P manner, much like Skype, but with much more features like the control of who can use your relay. Read the Jingle Nodes website and the Jingle Nodes XEP to know more.

This Talkr.IM Jingle Nodes relay is one of the very first step to a simpler Jingle user experience worldwide.

Visit the Talkr.IM website, and create your own Talkr.IM XMPP account freely: https://www.talkr.im/signup.

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