Latest hosted.IM release

We are proud to announce the latest update on hosted.IM including the following new features:

  • HTTP support for XMPP connections (BOSH)
  • IRC transport (enhancing our set of gateways along with MSN, Yahoo, Twitter, AOL and ICQ transports)
  • X.509 SSL certificate uploads
  • private Multi User Chat service

Regarding the new Multi User Chat improvement , if you are the owner of a room created at ‘‘ host, we suggest to relocate it to your new private conference service located at ‘conference.MYDOMAIN’. For example, if your hosted.IM domain is ‘‘, we encourage you to move your chat rooms to ‘‘ as we plan to remove the former service at ‘‘ within a month. Please let us know if you have any trouble.

We continue improving our service and welcome your feedback. Much more to come soon. Thank you!


The hosted IM team.
Twitter: @hosted_im

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