Migrate your push notifications from Parse to Boxcar

In a recent blog post Parse has announced the retirement of its service. This action is in turn complemented with the provision of exporting tools and the open source release of the Parse Server implementation. However, according to the details about data exporting, Parse Server does not implement any push notification functionality and they recommend migrating to a different push provider.


Parse shutdown was quite a shock for everyone, but fortunately, if you are interested in a SaaS platform to keep feeding your existing Parse-based applications with push notifications, we are here at Boxcar willing to help as we did already with our ZeroPush migration tools.

You can sign up and start using our service. You can also read more details about our service here or look at our specific documents for Boxcar Publisher API, Developer Console and mobile SDKs.

If you need help just contact us and our team will guide you to migrate your existing mobile applications!

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