New set of iPhone applications: Oneteam for Gtalk and TextOne

We have recently released a new set of applications on Apple AppStore to complete our professionnal XMPP offering on iPhone. Both applications are targeting end users.

OneTeam for Gtalk is a lightweight standalone version of OneTeam for iPhone. It supports user id with either or domain names. It is as cleaned and streamlined as OneTeam for iPhone and supports push for Gtalk through an XMPP proxy server, which makes it an exclusivity on Apple AppStore. Note that the proxy server is used only when pushed is enabled.

TextOne is a very simple, session-less, presence-less messaging client. It supports exclusive features like:

  • Message reliability to ensure delivery garantee: you are warned if the message could not reach the end user.
  • Simple groupchat: You can message a group of friends (in any combination) and reply will go to every one in the original conversation. We used it for a while and yes, this is really a must have and killer feature on mobile.

Here are a few screenshots of OneTeam for Gtalk:





Here is a couple of screenshots for TextOne:



Your feedback is of course welcome on our forum:

Note: both applications cost 0,79 euros.

Let us know what you think 💬

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