On MSN / Live Messenger adopting XMPP

When you have fought for a vision for 10 years, this is the kind of news that let you just relax and enjoy.

During Microsoft BUILD conference, the company announced they are now enabling an XMPP interface to connect to their MSN / Live network: Messenger Connect is now “Live Connect” – new APIs for SkyDrive and Hotmail Calendar. More details expected on: dev.live.com.

Long ago, we (at ProcessOne) helped reverse engineer the MSN protocol (mostly newer parts) and had build a gateway from XMPP to MSN for ejabberd.

One of our large deployments was trying to have us discuss together to find a technical official agreement with this large customer.

Microsoft refused to have me joined the call. They said ProcessOne was a bunch of hackers, breaking into their network.

Today, I enjoy the irony as the millions of XMPP users around the world will all be welcome into Microsoft network with their third parties clients. We are all hacking into Microsoft network !

Seeing an open protocol win over the closed world is rewarding and enjoyable moment.

We still have many battles to win:

  • mobile group messaging, with interop federation (TextOne) against the fragmentation (BBM, iMessage, Huddle, and tens of others): See: Is iMessage evil
  • OpenPush: change the way we see notification. See: https://www.openpush.im

Let’s keep on changing the world together !

Note: Crossposted and improved from my Google+ entry.

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