OneTeam 3.0 for iPhone

The new version 3.0 of OneTeam for iPhone has been released, with the push notification feature from Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

When moving with your iPhone, as a pedestrian, bike rider, car driver or in public transportation, you might have to shutdown the OneTeam for iPhone application while staying connected to your XMPP server. It is convenient for battery saving purposes, or because you want to use another application (iPhone OS 3.0 still does not authorize background applications).

When an event occurs on your XMPP server, it is sent to the APNS (Apple Push Notification Service), which instantly relays it to your iPhone. A push notification is then poped up on your screen, with a sound played. The OneTeam badge (icon) is then changed, showing a new event has arrived, or the number of events waiting for you to read.


You simply have to tap the OneTeam icon to read your new event. The reconnection will be fast and seamless.

This feature is very handy, since you can use your iPhone the way you want (browse the web, use another application) while still being instantly notified as if you were using OneTeam on the background.

This push notification feature is also deployed on XMPP server, and ejabberd has a component, IMpush, that can send push notifications to the APNS. This makes ejabberd and OneTeam the first XMPP client and server solution that supports the Apple push system.

OneTeam for iPhone has also received fixes and improvements: groupchat, file transfer, image sending… Here are a few screenshots:

An example of Groupchat:


See the Push configuration screen:


And the general OneTeam confguration:


A few comments on the experience after having used OneTeam for iPhone with push and groupchat:

  • “Battery life is not impacted by being always connected to my XMPP server on mobile. I have used all mobile XMPP client and this is the first time I can truely stay connected all the time. I feel this is really really the premise of the mobile revolution for mobile instant messaging and mobile XMPP.”
  • “OneTeam for iPhone client has the type of feature you would expect from a good desktop XMPP client and not a mobile one. You can use groupchat, file transfer. This is really what I need professionally.”


OneTeam for iPhone will be available on the Apple’s App Store in a few days, after the usual moderation period at Apple.

IMpush is sold as soon as today on the IMstore to prepare ejabberd servers ahead of OneTeam 3.0 with push.

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