OneTeam 3.2 beta for iPhone

OneTeam for iPhone, the versatile XMPP client for the Apple’s smartphone, is soon to be released in version 3.2, bringing tunes and location sharing, roster search, plus more usability improvements.

This new updated version 3.2 of OneTeam for iPhone has received features and improvements.

It features location sharing as well as tunes sharing. This enables you, wherever you are or whatever you are listenting to with you iPhone, to broadcast these information to all your presence subscribers (those you have authorized to see your presence). You are also able to read these info from your contacts, if they are available. These features are using the User Tune (XEP-0118) and User Location (XEP-0080) specifications.

Psi+’s roster: see the iPhone’s tune and geolocation

Psi+'s roster


On the iPhone: an user’s profile screen showing his/her mood and geolocation:



You location on a map:



The roster has received nice usability improvements. A very handy addition to this release of OneTeam for iPhone is the roster search feature, which helps you find contacts without having to scroll the whole roster. Another useful addition, OneTeam is now able to hide the offline contact, further simplifying the use of the roster. You can also choose to have your contacts ordered by groups.

Other additions include:

  • The preferences panes reorganization: information is more intuitively diplayed
  • The ability to leave a chatroom
  • The user profiles is used to display and change basic user informations, like nickname in contact list or group, but also rich information like geolocation (city, country and map around the user), tunes played, mood.

Here is the preferences panes: general screen



Personal events screen:



OneTeam 3.2 is now in beta test period before it is going to be submitted to the App Store. If you want to participate to the test:

  • Follow ProcessOne on Twitter, to be able to receive the notification as direct message about the beta program
  • Post a message explaining why you would like to test OneTeam for iPhone. Your message has to include @ProcessOne and #oneteam so that we can find it easily.

We will select a small group of users to get their email and device id so that they can receive the beta version of OneTeam 3.2.

Let us know what you think 💬

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