Oneteam for iPhone 2.1.0 submitted to Appstore

A major release of corporate XMPP instant messaging client for iPhone has been submitted.

OneTeam for iPhone 2.1.0 will add the following features after Apple approval:

  • File transfer support. Client can receive and display PDF, MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, Images. User can take pictures and send them to contact with file transfer.
  • Support for HTTP links and ability to open them in OneTeam web view.
  • Roster caching: A OneTeam entry as been added in the preference panel to decide contact list update policy. When not updated during the session, the user pane can be use to manually force download.
  • Access possible to password protected chat rooms.
  • Ability to send crash report to the development team and report anonymous usage statistics (OS version, network connection type), to help us prepare to iPhone firmware 3.0.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Bug fixes.

Personnaly, I love the new file transfer feature and think the development team has done a great job. It is pleasure receiving a PDF file or an image and being able to review it in a usefull way. Sending images is usefull in many context as well: Sending paperboard copy, flat visit picture, etc.

Next version will likely be OneTeam 2.2.0 that will add the long awaited push features.

Let us know what you think 💬

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