OneTeam for iPhone in version 3.2.5, with Facebook chat

OneTeam for iPhone has been published on the AppStore in version 3.2.5, bringing bugfixes, and Facebook chat based on XMPP.

The version 3.2.5 of our XMPP client OneTeam for iPhone has hit the shelves of the Apple’s application store. It is recommended that you upgrade it.

OneTeam 3.2.4 for iPhone had already fixed bug related to Multi-User Chats (also known as groupchats): in some cases, OneTeam used to crash on joining password-protected and members-only MUC.

OneTeam 3.2.5 for iPhone now allows OneTeam users to connect to the XMPP interface to Facebook chat. You can now connect with Jabber-ID set your “”, and password set to your Facebook password.

Be careful, Facebook’s XMPP chat interface does not offer MUC services, nor is federated, which means you still cannot chat with your friends on Talkr.IM or Google’s Talk/GMail, but only with Facebook friends.

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