OneWeb demonstrates the power of XMPP inside the browser

We have just released an experimental extension for Firefox that adds XMPP interactions to the Mozilla browser.

OneWeb Firefox extension is a good exemple of Firefox hackability and shows how XMPP integration in the browser can bring value for real-time web interactions.

XMPP stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. The protocol is mostly known as an Instant Messaging protocol, but it has actually been designed as a generic messaging protocol that can do much more that chat. OneWeb Firefox extension demonstrates a small part of what you can do when you integrate XMPP by design into the browser behaviour.

Note that this is an early alpha version developed in a few days to demonstrate our purpose. There is still room for many improvements and contributions are of course welcome.


OneWeb alpha version is able to do the following:

  • It gives an interface to interact remotely with your opened Firefox browser. You can interact with opened Firefox from another browser running OneWeb or from an XMPP instant messaging client (supporting adhoc commands). You can thus control your Firefox browser from your desktop or even from a mobile device.
  • It gives a way to share and broadcast your favorite pages with your contact on your XMPP account. Simply click “Share page” in contextual menu and a shared bookmark will be created, distributed to your contact and notified by their OneWeb plugin.
  • It can synchronize your bookmarks with your other Firefox browsers. This feature is experimental. Backup your bookmark before installing OneWeb on your Firefox.



The module can be downloaded from ProcessOne Labs.

Code source is available on ProcessOne Labs.

You need an XMPP account to test this software but you can get a development XMPP account for free on our XMPP Sandbox.


Update: We recommand you to use the XMPP Sandbox for ease of use. Your XMPP server needs supports for Pubsub and PEP which is not a common feature.

Let us know what you think 💬

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