P1PP goes live, with tools

Many of you have followed the launch of the ProcessOne Push Platform (P1PP) in our webinar. Thanks a lot! Here are a few tools that make PubSub a reality.

Our P1PP (ProcessOne Push Platform) has gone live: the dedicated PubSub XMPP service has finally become a reality, as we launched it during our webinar. Here is a short presentation.

P1PP in short

P1PP is mainly an open federated platform for “PubSub, the good parts”, or “PubSub made easy”. For now, it is mainly designed for developers:

  • pubsub.p1pp.net: an open federated XMPP PubSub service
  • p1pp command line: to manage your nodes and items in a console
  • p1pp Javascript library: to integrate P1PP live pushes in your website, as authentified or anonymous users

For developers and XMPP geeks:

Webinar slides

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