Pre-SeaBeyond training: “ejabberd and Erlang: understanding the big picture”

Before the SeaBeyond event, ProcessOne is organising a training around ejabberd and Erlang.

On the 2nd of February (just the day before SeaBeyond), ProcessOne is inviting developers for a training around our core technologies: “ejabberd and Erlang: understanding the big picture”.

Training: “ejabberd and Erlang: understanding the big picture”

This training covers the following subjects:

ejabberd, a scalable and reliable messaging platfrom
Erlang/OTP, the technology behind ejabberd
Basic understanding of ejabberd
Config files option
Basic system administration task (start/stop/simple diagnostic)
Setting up ejabberd clustering
Advanced ejabberd administration tasks
Components (Internal and external components)
Handling Web clients
ejabberd databases
Working with relational databases
Understanding Mnesia role in ejabberd
Backup and restore
Practical mentoring session

Training will be done by core ejabberd developer and long time erlang hackers.

The participation cost is fixed to €500 per person, please contact us to book the training. We will be delighted to welcome you.

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