ProcessOne, a year in review

At ProcessOne, we wanted to wish you all a very happy 2010 year. To give you a good sense of all what has been accomplished, we have written this small review of the 2009 year at ProcessOne. We hope you will enjoy the reading.


First, we have released ejabberd 2.0.3 to 2.0.5, and we finally made it with ejabberd 2.1 (with its bugfix 2.1.1). It has received much scalability improvements, as well as a big PubSub boost. Even more changes have made it an even more rock-solid and featureful real-time server. A STUN server has been added in ejabberd, for multimedia purposes. The version 3.0 is in the works, based on the opensource exmpp library, freshly released this year also.

On the desktop, OneChannel, the PubSub client working on AIR, has been released, optionally using the preconfigured real-time feeds.

Our gateway packaging is stable, scalable and works pretty well, covering Microsoft Live Messenger, Yahoo! IM, AIM and ICQ, XMPP, and also non-IM systems, like Twitter and Wave gateway.

On the mobile front, OneTeam for iPhone, the mobile XMPP client, has been released in versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2, and we believe it is the best XMPP client out there, with room for improvements and innovations in the coming year.

OneWeb, the extension for Firefox, has been released as an alpha product, with a Fennec port (Firefox mobile). It basically adds data sync and remote control between browsers, demoing the power of XMPP in the browser.

Our supervision console TeamLeader has had many improvements in 2009 and is now clean and efficient, being deployed on large customer projets.

Our XMPP desktop client OneTeam for Firefox has become a strong client and should become a major component in our offering in 2010.

We also are offering a module for the APNS, or Apple Push Notifications Service, for the iPhones.


We have announced and demoed the OneTeam Media Server, our Flash server implementation, acting as a media relay and much more, for multimedia applications.

The ProcessOne Wave Server is in the work, gaining features and improving fast. A demo on Tkabber has been done, showing very basic client/server interactions, like create a wavelet, join and edit it, the basics of collaborative real-time editing of a text document.

Our OCS Bridge enables a real federation of ejabberd servers with the Microsoft’s IM+VoIP corporate servers, while this one only painfully offers gateways to XMPP since this year.


We have given birth to a number of services:

  • We have opened the ProcessOne Labs, showing all our non-production ready, but promising products.
  • Hosted.IM offers for XMPP hosting services for small businesses.
  • IMstore enables customers to buy products and services, the fast and easy way, on the web via a simple form.
  • The APNS, or Apple Push Notifications Services, runs on our infrastructure for OneTeam for iPhone clients using our OneTeam.IM and Talkr.IM services.
  • Tweet.IM is a XMPP to Twitter gateway, offering nice features like delivery modes.
  • is the XMPP service for developers.
  • Talkr.IM is our XMPP service for the masses.

Events, Talks & Articles

Here are the places where we have been, and what has been said about us:

Roadmap 2010

In 2010, our focus will be mainly on the following points:

  • Hosted.IM will be offering new simple and extendable services.
  • OneTeam for Firefox will be released, with WAR (Web Augmented Reality), and much more innovative features.
  • ejabberd will become more industrial, with 3.0 getting to production ready state, better TeamLeader support, good test suite coverage and more modules on the IMstore.
  • Talkr.IM will offer the seamless migration from/to another XMPP service.


It has been a busy year, with many achievements, much of which we cannot talk about, or we have just forgotten. But the coming year 2010 will be even more exciting.

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