ProcessOne launches IMstore

We are proud to launch IMstore, a marketplace for instant messaging and real time software components for ejabberd XMPP application server.

The store sells applications that run on ejabberd XMPP application server. The first components on sale are:

  • OneTeam for iPhone: This is a mobile XMPP client for iPhone, on sale by ProcessOne on the Apple App Store since september 2008.
  • IMgateways: Gateways are connectors for major third-party instant messaging networks (AIM, ICQ, GTalk/XMPP, MSN, Twitter, YIM). These are robust and scalable gateways, carefully maintained by our team.

To celebrate the launch, for a limited time IMgateways packages are available at a special, reduced price !

We are planning to launch more products in the coming months. Your suggestions are of course welcome regarding your most wanted applications !

Let us know what you think 💬

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