ProcessOne launches Talkr.IM: a new open, free public XMPP service

Talkr.IM is the new XMPP service provided by ProcessOne. It is an open and free service for all audiences worldwide.

What is talkr.IM?

In a few words, Talkr.IM offers scalable and robust presence and chat services for all standard XMPP clients of your choice. Just create an account now, by filling the registration form, and you will be able to login and start chats. It is fully interoperable with XMPP services such as Google Talk, Nokia Ovi, LiveJournal, Yandex Online,,,,, and for example.

Why talkr.IM?

Although this is a plain good XMPP service like others are providing, we want to provide a service that is professionally managed on a daily basis, with a strong service level, responsiveness and uptime.

We also emphasize on privacy and freedom. Privacy is there to ensure that your data are safe with us and will not be abused or transfered. We would like the service to be as much as a safe as possible. Freedom put the emphasize on using as much as free software as possible and ensure data portability. The service runs on free software and the data are yours. We plan to provide a migration feature. You will be able to import your data from another server, but we are also working on the reverse, so that you are able to export them and take them to another server, maybe your own server at some point. That’s your data, that’s your life and its important for you to keep the control on it.

Instant messaging conveys the value of the pionneer of Internet. One of the first simple messaging client was talk on various Unix flavour in the 1970’s. It was free software and was a new way to communicate. Jabber and XMPP after that has been the heir of this tradition of freedom. Talkr.IM wants, like many other XMPP public servers to be a testimonial to this spirit: be free and open minded.

Why another XMPP hosting service ?

There are XMPP services backed by big companies like Google Talk, Nokia Ovi, LiveJournal or Yandex Online. There are also the valuable and much respected XMPP services administered by groups of volunteers and enthusiats, like,,,, and

In none of these services, we had the opportunity to fully help, as much as we could, and really be implicated into the service administration and optimization.

With Talkr.IM, it is intended to provide a strong service to all users, which we can fully support. It is not intended to compete with any of the above mentionned XMPP services, as it is fully compliant and interoperated, in the pure tradition of the fair-play of the open Internet.

We believe we can achieve these goals since we are the makers of ejabberd. This work will of course benefit the product, in terms even more robustness, features, scalability and security.


That said, besides the simple presence and IM, we also offer more services:

  • conference will let you create and join multi-party chats with friends, family and colleagues (Multi user chat)
  • irc is the gateway to the IRC networks that will enable you to join channels you wish from your XMPP client
  • pubsub and PEP enables you to publish information for yourself and receive information from your contacts such as your mood, activity, geolocation, or the titles of the music you are listening to
  • users is the directory that enables you to search for friends

The Talkr.IM service will also enhance the user experience in the future, by adding more services.


Please feel free to express your needs for the Talkr.IM service and its evolution, as we are listening to and value your feedback.

Please join Talkr.IM, and contribute to the forums.

Let us know what you think 💬

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