ProcessOne Push Platform powers French Presidential Election

We have launched in december 2011 ProcessOne Push Platform, whose goal is to make realtime information distribution widespread and affordable. This is a scalable platform that allows developers to send notifications to browsers, mobile and desktop in a straightforward way. This platform is already used by large customers in Europe pushing millions of messages per week.

This infrastructure is using a mix of technologies like:

  • XMPP: This is the backbone of the infrastructure.
  • XMPP Pubsub: XMPP Pubsub is used for message broadcast, with simplifications to be coder-friendly and improvements to be performance-friendly.
  • Pubsubhubbub: We use pubsubhubbub as an interface for broadcasting information to subscribers. This is compliant and friendly with many web services.
  • Various protocol mix: We have interfaces using various other protocols that are not exposed yet, like rest API and STOMP.
  • Websocket and BoSH as web transports: This make it ideal to write clients.
  • Support for various transports to mobile: Like Apple Push Notification Server and Google C2DM.

One of our flagship mobile product, Upik, has been using ProcessOne Push Platform since its early days. It is available on iOS, but we always wanted to show that our infrastructure has more powerful features.

We have been aggregating more than 300 sources of information on the French Presidential Election for the mobile client since february 2012. People are subscribing to relevant content from their mobile.

Now, you can receive this feed live from a web browser using Upik Live web page. As users are anonymous, you cannot select the type of source you want, but receive all the data (You need an account and the mobile software to select what you want).

The app client select the best transport to talk to the server and degrades gracefully, in order:

  • Websocket on modern browsers.
  • Websocket over Flash (on older browser with correct version of Adobe Flash plugin).
  • BoSH if websocket is not available.

Of course, the application works fine on desktop computers and tablets:


but it also adapts to mobile screens, still with the realtime benefits:


This is based on our Javascript client library and our publishing client for P1PP.

Enjoy !


If you speak French, do not forget to read our blog announcement: L’élection présidentielle en temps réel.

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