ProcessOne Wave Server: ejabberd extension video

Here is a video showing how our Google Wave implementation works along with our XMPP server ejabberd.

Google Wave protocol is a new real-time collaboration protocol that plays nicely with XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) for federation.

Google Wave client-to-server protocol usually runs as raw Google’s protocol buffer. To make it useable from an XMPP client, we needed to use protocol buffer on top of XMPP, largely inspired by Google Wave federation protocol description.

This short video demonstrates an XMPP client and server interaction for an XMPP client (using Tkabber client).

Here we have a local ejabberd server, running the Wave service from ProcessOne. On the first client, we create the wavelet, and on the second client we join the wavelet and edit it.

This is just a small video showing the most basic feature of Wave: collaborative real-time editing of a text document.

We will publish more advancement of our work on Wave in the future.

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