Sea Beyond 2011: Video summary

Sea Beyond is an event on Realtime communication and collaboration organized by ProcessOne. Second edition took place in Paris on February 3rd, 2011. Focus this year was on mobile realtime collaboration and federated social networks.

Here is the summary video of the event:

We will release video of each demo and presentation in the “Developer Sandbox” part of the event and all the talks from the “lighthouse” conference part.

Here is the schedule for the release:

  • March 3rd: Mickaël Rémond, ProcessOne: TextOne protocol presentation: Improving XMPP for mobile messaging.
  • March 7th: Christophe Romain and Karim Gemayel, ProcessOne: Pubsub introduction and use case in the context of federated social networks.
  • March 10th: David Banes, Cleartext: Cleartext microblogging extension for the XMPP protocol. He will demo and Cleartext IM and Microblogging Desktop App as well as server component. Don’t miss David’s surprise announcement ;)
  • March 14th: Alexandre Eisenchteter and Thierry Bomandouki, AF83: UC Engine (Unified Collaboration Engine) and tools to help developers build real-time applications or integrate real-time features to existing applications.
  • March 17th: Eric Cestari, ProcessOne: XMPP based web socket implementation and emphasizes the benefit compared to previous techniques like BOSH socket. Don’t miss the launch of the showcase real time pubsub push over websocket, Gitlive.
  • March 21st: Marek Foss, ProcessOne: Different approaches for designing mobile collaboration software.
  • March 24th: Diana Cheng, Vodafone: OneSocialWeb: XMPP-based distributed social network for web and mobile usage.
  • March 28th: Jukka Alakontiola, Nokia: Nokia Push notification platform and API.
  • March 31st: Julien Genestoux, Superfeedr: XMPP and pubsubhubbub for real-time large scale events and notification distribution.

Stay tuned for this extraordinary event videos and prepare yourself to attend to the next edition, hopefully in the United States in mid 2011.

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