Install and configure MariaDB with ejabberd

By default, ejabberd uses the Mnesia internal database. It is great for home and small office environments, but in larger companies, as the amount of chat logs and users grows, we need more scalability. Today, I will show you how to install MariaDB, a MySQL-compatible database, migrate your data and configure ejabberd to use MariaDB […]

Check ejabberd XMPP server useful configuration steps

In this article I will share some configuration steps that I made while I was preparing my previous ejabberd XMPP server tutorials. I assume the starting ejabberd configuration from my article on setting up your ejabberd real time IM server and configuring ejabberd video & voice calling

How to configure ejabberd to get 100% in XMPP compliance test

Your ejabberd XMPP server is a powerful piece of software. But configuring everything requires several steps. Your best place to start is this hands-on ejabberd installation tutorial and this ejabberd STUN/TURN tutorial. If you have specific questions, first be sure to consult the official ejabberd documentation.