Install ejabberd on Windows 7 using Docker Toolbox

Did you read our previous tutorial how to install ejabberd on Windows 10 using Docker Desktop? Do you have a Microsoft system older than Windows 10? Don’t worry, instead of Docker Desktop you can use Docker Toolbox, and this tutorial guides you over the process.

Building Realtime Streaming Architectures

Real time is not only about client interactions. We have been using XMPP & MQTT since a long time to connect people and things together. However, there is another use case for real time that is a little less known: real time streaming architectures. This is a design pattern that you can use to make […]

ejabberd 16.12

2016 was year of several major code refactors and improvements for ejabberd. From Elixir support, to test suite and code clean up and modernization. After ejabberd 16.09 which brings a lot of improvements, ejabberd 16.12 includes a big refactor we have been preparing for long time, and a couple of new features that pursue the […]

Elixir Paris #5: OTP architecture, Macros and Docker Packaging Docker

Elixir Paris Meetup #5 happened on January 12th. We have gathered a team of faithful and enthusiastic developers, passionate about programming languages. Mickaël Rémond introduced a new project that nicely demonstrates various programming approaches in Elixir. FastTS project (for Fast Time Series) is the result of the discovery of Riemann monitoring tools during Paris.ex meetup […]