SwiftNIO Workshop in Paris at dotSwift Conference

I have partnered with the good folks at dotConferences to put together some contents for a SwiftNIO workshop. The workshop will take place in Paris on February the 4th, the day after the dotSwift conference. If you are coming to Paris for the dotSwift conference, you can make the best of your trip by also […]

Swift Server-Side Conference 2019 Highlights: Day 2

The second day of the Swift Server-Side conference was as packed with great talk as the first day. You can read my previous post on workshop and day 1. Building the next version of the Smoke Framework (Simon Pilkington) Simon Pilkinson introduced his rework on the Smoke framework, developed as a video ingestion platform for […]

Swift Server-Side Conference 2019 Highlights: Workshop & Day 1

Swift is mostly known nowadays as the main programming language you can use to develop on Apple devices. However Swift, being Open Source, has a small community of dedicated people that have started to work on building an ecosystem to make Swift development on the server-side a viable option. Swift Server-Side is a fairly new […]

SwiftNIO: Understanding Futures and Promises

SwiftNIO is Apple non-blocking networking library. It can be used to write either client libraries or server frameworks and works on macOS, iOS and Linux. It is built by some of the Netty team members. It is a port of Netty, a high performance networking framework written in Java and adapted in Swift. SwiftNIO thus […]

Developing a basic Swift Echo Server using SwiftNIO

SwiftNIO: a port of Netty I am not a Java or JVM type of developer. That’s probably one of the reasons I never felt the need to try Netty framework. I have been developing all my high-performance server code in Erlang, Elixir or Go and was happy with the tooling. However, Apple recently published Swift-NIO, […]