Talkr.IM service update: gateways

The Talkr.IM XMPP/Jabber service will undergo today a service update, adding gateways to legacy IM systems.

ProcessOne’s XMPP service Talkr.IM will receive new features for all users: IM gateways. These gateways will enable XMPP users to join legacy IM systems with their existing accounts. This will seamlessly merge the legacy IM contact lists to the main XMPP contact list (“roster”). Of course the main features are presence and chat, but these gateways also enable the status exchange, as well as the avatar, and much more.

We had already deployed an IRC gateway, the new gateways (or “transport” in XMPP terms) are the following:

  • AIM
  • ICQ
  • Yahoo!

This adds IM contact points to your addressbook, and enable the inclusion of millions of legacy IM users to XMPP users.

We are planning a service interruption at:

  • 13:00 UTC
  • 14:00 Paris
  • 16:00 Moscow
  • 05:00 Los Angeles
  • 08:00 New York
  • 22:00 Tokyo

We will remind our online users a few minutes before.

Update: our service update is done, you can now register your legacy IM accounts and play with them.

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