TextOne 1.5 for Android

TextOne, the simplest smartphone messaging application, is immediately available in version 1.5 on the Android Market and Amazon AppStore.

TextOne 1.5 for Android is available freely right now. You are encouraged to download and install it from the Android Market. Of course it is free to upgrade.

The Android version of TextOne is gaining the photo sharing feature, that is already existing on the iPhone version. Now, on Android you can:

  • Send a photo, from the camera or from the Android gallery
  • Navigate in photos of a conversation
  • Difference participants in groupchats with colors
  • Enjoy the pixel-perfect conversations list

Here is a conversation with received pictures of Paris and New york. These are the Arc de Triomphe and the Empire State Building.


Click on the Paris picture, then on the top thumbs, click the New york picture:

image image

You can also zoom on New york picture:


Then you can send a picture of the TextOne website for example. Click on the camera icon on top-left, then choose if you want to send and existing picture, or if you want to specially take one:


Take the picture, click OK and fill in your text:


See the picture in the conversation:


TextOne for Android is getting closer to the iPhone version. Stay tuned since the webOS and BlackBerry versions will come next!


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