tweet.IM: A Twitter XMPP gateway service

We have just launched the first version of tweet.IM, a Twitter – instant messaging gateway service, based on the XMPP protocol.

ProcessOne has just launched a gateway service between XMPP and Twitter. The service is available from tweet.IM. It allows you to use Twitter directly from your favorite instant messaging client. It supports getting friends timeline and direct messages, but also posting public Tweet or direct messages.

You can use it from any server, as long as your server accepts server-to-server connections to /

Direct messages are received from a separate contact in a separate chat window / tab. Replying to this contact sends a direct message.

A forum is open and waiting for your comments and suggestions: tweet.IM forum.

Please, note that GTalk is currently behaving strangely, not storing / accepting the contact subscription acknowledgement. There is a workaround for that problem: after having filled the form on tweet.IM and accepted the subscription request on Gtalk, simply ask to add the contact in your roster. It should do the trick. It used to work normally this afternoon, so I guess this is a temporary workaround.

Let us know what you think 💬

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