Tweet.IM new features

The tweet.IM online service has received new features: presence-based filtering, follow notifications, and search.

Tweet.IM service, run by ProcessOne, enables XMPP users to tweet and receive tweets in near real-time in their preferred standards-based IM client. This service has received new interesting features in the last days.

The first of the new features is very handy, it is presence-based filtering:

  • you receive direct messages whatever your status is
  • you receive timeline messages when you are “available” or “available for chat”
  • you receive mentions when you are not in the busy / do not disturb state.
  • you receive followers notifications when you are not in the busy / do not disturb state
  • you receive search (track) updates when you are “available” or “available for chat”

Tweet.IM now sends you followers notifications, this means you get simple text notifications when:

  • someone has just subscribed to your posts (he turns as a follower for you)
  • a follower has just unsubscribed from your posts (he has “unfollowed” you)

You can now follow and unfollow twitterers:

  • f user: in order to follow
  • u user: in order to unfollow

A new search feature have landed in tweet.IM:

  • sa keyword: this will send you tweets containing the keyword as soon as they are published
  • ss: in order to list the saved searches
  • sd keyword: in order to stop receiving a search

Thanks to Twitter, we have also removed the limit of 20.000 requests per hour: you won’t have the error 400.

As a reminder, just type ‘help’ in your XMPP client to get all the commands:

Welcome to Twitter Instant Messaging Gateway

You are signed in as 'nyconyco'

Talking To Friends
@username message     - Public reply/send a message to this person.
d username message    - Sends a direct message to this person.
f username            - Follow this person.
u username            - Unfollow this person.
ss                    - Show saved searches.
sd search_name        - Delete saved search.
sa query              - Save a search query.
To update your own Twitter timeline just text or IM whatever is on your mind.

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Version 1.0.9

Obviously, you can follow tweet.IM on Twitter at: You are welcome to comment the new features.

Tweet.IM is based on our IMgateways offering, more info on this page:

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