XMPP Radar Newsletter #13

Welcome to the 13th issue of our newsletter. Here are the links we found interesting in July:

Go’s March to Low-latency GC

Twitch uses Go for many of their busiest systems. Its simplicity, safety, performance, and readability make it a good tool for the problems they encounter with serving live video and chat to millions of users.

XMPP : Swiss Army Knife for Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT communication is complex and varied, and XMPP is a great candidate for an application-layer protocol. Developers can use it in IoT for communication among devices and their corresponding servers and users in the cloud.


Mitto is a worldwide IoT SIM card for connected devices. It wants to make your IoT projects more about the actual project and (much) less about figuring out cellular carriers and connectivity.

Fighting XMPP Abuse and Spam with ejabberd

In this video, Mickaël Rémond explains the features, options and API that can be used to protect ejabberd servers from spam and various other types of attacks. The video was recorded at ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop in Paris.

XMPP Mobile groupchat: Introducing MUC Subscription

We are announcing MUC Subscription, a new experimental feature in ejabberd that makes group conversations in XMPP work seamlessly with mobile clients.

Open Source Contribution: XMPP Module for React Native

Working with React Native, a relatively new mobile app development framework has overall been a great experience. However, one of the common complaints of developers about react native has been the lack of off-the-shelf libs/modules for certain use-cases e.g. XMPP.

Read and Write to Devices With Converse.js

This tutorial is about using Converse.js to read values and write values to devices, and also retrieve history of fields.

New Jabber/XMPP Client for iOS

Intercambio is a Jabber/XMPP client for iOS. It is open source and you are welcome helping to improve it and shape it to your needs.

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