XMPP Sandbox: a development server for the XMPP community

ProcessOne now provides an online XMPP server dedicated to developers of XMPP solutions on XMPP Sandbox.

We realized that many of the developers building a solution start by creating an account on a public server, used for production. This is not a good practice, because:

  • During the learning process, developer can try connecting buggy clients. It is not very friendly to test buggy client on a real life, production server. I have seen very ugly traffic on production servers and this is something that should be avoided.
  • Production servers have limitations in term of resource usage. During development and experimentation, this is nice to be able to try innovative approach without hitting those limitation too soon.
  • Developers want to test the best and newest features of XMPP. Our XMPP Sandbox will feature the best and latest technologies.
  • We want to provide a showcase for some of our extra components (like our gateways for example). They are deployed on XMPP Sandbox and developers can directly assess themselves how good they are.

So, the XMPP Sandbox is now open as a beta service. Start playing with it, developers! Give us your feedback as many improvements are planned in the coming months!

For feedback and discussions, the XMPP Sandbox forum is open. You can also follow xmppsandbox on Twitter to share your feedback and feature request and get notified of changes.

For developers that can be in Paris on the 17th of december 2009, you can also join the “real life” developer sandbox during the SeaBeyond event.

Welcome in the sandbox and build amazing things!


Let us know what you think 💬

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