Libon 2.0

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Libon 2.0

Comunication Service: Libon is a mobile service designed to improve the communication we have with the people who matter, via our smartphone. Libon 2.0 is an all-in-one communication application which provides unlimited free calls, smart chat, an enriched address book and a custom voicemail with the ability to read your voicemail thanks to transcription.

The Libon service is developped by Orange Vallée, the subsidiary in charge of innovation and development of the Orange Group. Set up in 2008, Orange Vallée aims to identify new needs and new technological uses to develop innovative services accessible to all users regardless of their mobile operator or their internet access provider, in 95 countries. Orange Vallée use ProcessOne to power Libon 2.0's "smart chatting" feature. We're really proud at ProcessOne to be part of this amazing all-in-one OTT communication initiative!

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