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Colissimo is a leading postal service, shipping, handling and delivering millions of parcels a day at peak time. To handle such a scale, it needs a highly efficient organisation, served by a robust, mission-critical IT system.

The system is composed of many independent parts, but ProcessOne helped Colissimo rework a critical piece of their events processing chain. We developed the component used to process the data coming from the high-speed parcel sorters.

Use Case: Colissimo

Those industrial machines generate millions of events a day, but the project did not stop there. Communication with the parcel sorters is bi-directional. It means we also had to feed them with pieces of information about the expected parcels, or update them with data extracted from other parcel sorters, at a different stage of the routing process.

Project lasted 6 months, going from proof of concept to production. Roll out to all the Colissimo infrastructure took 3 months.

Project was designed with knowledge transfer in mind and currently Colissimo IT team is managing it. ProcessOne served as an innovation lab and project accelerator. Part of handover process was to integrate during design proper monitoring, deployment scripts, logging and metrics, so that the Colissimo team could understand and manage the platform from day one.

We also ensured that the Colissimo team had a good understanding of the underlying technologies. For example, we had a world class trainer come to Paris to bring the whole team up-to-speed on advanced Go development topics.

Au coeur de l'entrepôt géant de Colissimo à Moissy-CramayelIn the heart of the giant Colissimo warehouse in Moissy-Cramayel

The project has been running ever since, with no downtime during service hours. It processes tracking events in real-time, without any queue or latency.

We developed the core of the service in Go to process Kafka events in real time. The component is packaged as a Docker image with redundancy, scalability and monitoring being handled by Kubernetes. To achieve this, the component needed to take into account cloud-native best practices and to be cluster-aware.


Technologies: Colissimo backend relies on Go, gRPC, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Search, Postgres and Grafana

  • Go lang
  • gRPC
  • Kafka
  • Elastic Search
  • Postgres
  • Grafana
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

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