Rich presence support on the XMPP network

Posted by Mickaël Rémond on September 30, 2008

Publish and Subscribe and Personal Eventing (PEP) are major features of XMPP enabling a more richer presence. What is the part of the XMPP network currently supporting this feature? Is this yet a largely deployed featured?

Our research has focused on the server side: Over all the known XMPP domains, how many are known to support Publish and Subscribe? How many are supporting Personal Eventing?

We based our calculation on the current number of known XMPP domains. Support for PEP or Pubsub is assumed if advertised by the server. If the server does not advertise it, we cannot know it is supporting Pubsub or PEP so our calculation can slightly underestimate the Pubsub or PEP deployments.

That said, here are the figures for a total of 8258 known servers:

  • Domains with Pubsub deployed: 2459 (about 30%)
  • Domains with Personal Eventing deployed: 2114 (about 26%)

So, the conclusion is that Pubsub and PEP are available on many servers yet. We should still do much better and using Pubsub and PEP extensible features in ejabberd to build applications will hopefully accelerate deployment and use.

And you? Are you supporting pubsub and PEP yet? Do you have any plan to support Pubsub and PEP soon? If not what prevents you from deploying it?