XMPP servers by the numbers

Posted by Nicolas Vérité on January 31, 2013

IMtrends is indexing the XMPP/Jabber servers on the internet.

IMtrends crawls the XMPP/Jabber servers it already knows, and tries to discover more. Please keep in mind, that it is not exhaustive (like Google web search). You are encouraged to query your own server, in order to add it to the database. It is accessible on: http://imtrends.com/. You can query the servers you want, in order to read the services it offers.

Major players

Over 7264 XMPP servers are indexed by IMtrends. The most deployed server is ejabberd, with 36.4 % of market share. Comes next, Google's XMPP server, including Google Talk and Google Apps, with 14.4 % of market share. Then Openfire (13.5 %), jabberd14 (13.1 %), jabberd2 (6.6 %), and Prosody (3.0 %). All other servers are below 0.3 % of market share.

XMPP server market share:
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Let's zoom on the major players, by adding Prosody, watch their evolution over 3 years.

Evolution of XMPP servers from 2008-5-18 to 2011-9-19:
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This needs some explanations:

  • The global tendency is that the number of servers slowly go down: it may be explained by the fact that services are concentrating (bigger and more famous servers, supporting more users), a sign of maturation?
  • Only Google Apps is growing, with Prosody, which is taking off
  • Although both servers are not actively developed anymore (only maintained), Openfire surpasses jabberd/jabberd14 for the first year
  • jabberd 2 stays below jabberd/jabberd14
  • chat.facebook.com and xmpp.messenger.live.com are counted as one server each

Other players

Below 1 %, you have:

  • wpjabber
  • XCP
  • tigase
  • djabberd
  • Isode M-Link
  • psyc
  • SoapBox

Here are their evolution over time:
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  • wpjabber has been divided by 4, since it has completely stopped
  • XCP has grown, but is slowing down: maybe a sign of the purchase by Cisco, and its integration in WebEx Connect, not existing anymore as an independent product
  • djabberd, which was originally developed for LiveJournal (using ejabberd now), is not actively maintained anymore


Beware that these numbers are only server deployments:

  • It is not exhaustive: if you support a server, please add the deployments to the database by simply query its domain on imtrends.com
  • You could have completely different numbers if you consider other facets of XMPP servers, like observing the code repositories, or ticket trackers.